Dear Tyrek

education, photography

Dear Tyrek,

I saw a young man just a few years older than you on the news last night. According to the judge at his trial, this man made a series of devastating and cruel decisions. The jury has decided he should lose his life for the crimes he committed.

This young man awaiting his fate on death row has your same first and last name.

When the story started on the news, I heard your name and gasped. The thought that any of my students could be on the news in such a capacity horrified me.

I want to open up the newspaper and see your name on the A/B honor roll and a photo of you sinking the game-winning basket against Lariat Prep next week. Stay on the straight path, and make us proud. Unstructured time can open up tempting possibilities. Please be safe and smart during your last week of winter break.

All my love,

-Ms. Jackson

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