Dear Shantel

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Dear Shantel,

You ACED your midterm! With one of the highest grades on the exam and an exemplary character growth report for the month of December, you have earned a place in my Hall of Fame for the first semester.

I remember greeting a sleepy-eyed, grumpy-faced Shantel for the first two months of school.

Me: “Good morning, Shantel!”

You: “Bad morning, Miss. Everything’s bad.”

Around October, when you decided you could trust me, our conversations started to sound more like:

Me: “Good morning, Shantel!”

You: “Morning, Mama. When you gonna adopt me already?”

While I’m not planning on adopting a 12-year-old anytime soon, you have adopted a better attitude, and I’m so proud to be your teacher.

Welcome to the hall of fame, my dear! I always knew you could do it.

All my love,

-Ms. Jackson

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