Dear Kallyn

Dear Kallyn,

Pie Day Friday is just around the corner! We need your brilliant brain and spunky spirit to win this competition. We can’t LOSE to 119 pesky 5th graders. They’d never let us hear the end of it…

We’ve prepared. We’ve trained. We’ve studied rhyme schemes and alliteration, personification and, of course, our favorite, hyperbole.

“Miss, I have a paper cut on my pinkie! I think I’m gonna DIEEEEEE!”

If we could channel the same angst that causes you to walk into my classroom every day and turn your desk away from the board, facing the wall, we could bring up our average to 80% or higher on the poetry unit exam.

Let’s take a look at the current standings.


  • 5th grade: 75
  • 6th grade: 72


  • 5th grade: 74
  • 6th grade: 78

The test on Friday is winner-take-all. The grade level that has the higher average gets to pie a teacher in the face. If 5th grade wins, I’m going to have a whip cream facial in front of the whole school!

We are so close to winning the poetry unit competition, but we need every student committed to this, or we won’t reach our goal. You with me?

All my love,

-Ms. Jackson

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