Dear Mikal

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Dear Mikal,

I want to support your dream of becoming an artist. You are developing creative talent and skills, and to be excellent at anything takes thousands of hours of practice. However, when your creative expression overlaps with my teaching, we have a problem.

There is a time to illustrate, paint and create, and there is a time to read, write and participate in class. I had to confiscate your sketchbook today after three redirections for being off task. I will gladly return your notepad under the following conditions.

You must complete all classwork to the best of your ability. I want to see the same care and attention to detail in your notes that I see in your sketches. You need to take your time and not rush through to finish early.

Once you show me exemplary classwork, you will have my permission to draw. I want you to practice and improve, and without an art program at our school to support your talent, we can find other ways to incorporate your passion at appropriate times.

I also want to see you walk the stage with your diploma in a few years. Art can be a challenging career to sustain. You’ll need math skills to stay on top of your finances. Literacy skills will help you market your amazing talent, and you will be able to read contracts and make informed decisions about selling your products.

I respect you and the artistic talent you possess. I am asking for a mutual respect of my instructional time during class.

All my love,

-Ms. Jackson

P.S. – The poster you made for our school competition is unbelievable! I can’t wait to see it unveiled at TruthFest on Friday. We are so lucky to have you in our homeroom.

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